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Strategic Ways to Use the Second Charge Mortgage

How many ways do you know of to use the cash raised from obtaining a second charge mortgage? If you are thinking second charge products can only be used for debt consolidation and modest home improvements, think again. There are many more strategic ways to take advantage of second charge borrowing.

14 March 2017.
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You Can Get Secure Loan Approval Even with Bad Credit

Having bad credit can hinder your ability to borrow. However, bad credit does not necessarily need to prevent borrowing for the rest of your life. You can secure loan approval even with credit that is not the best it can be, then use the loan as a starting point for credit repair.

10 March 2017.
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When a Debts Consolidation Loan Makes Sense

If trying to pay off heavy indebtedness is weighing you down, consolidating your debt through a secured loan might be one solution. Debt consolidation is a great tool when used the right way and under the right circumstances. It's not for everyone, though, so learn more about it before you borrow.

09 March 2017.
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For Paying Debts, Consolidation Loans One of the Best Options

Indebtedness can be an overwhelming experience. It can cause stress, anxiety, and even emotional and physical problems. Sometimes paying off what appears to be a mountain of debt is the best thing a person can do for him/herself. And for paying debts, consolidation loans are one of the best options.

07 March 2017.
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Home Equity Finance and Business Loans

Applying for a business loan usually means being asked about home ownership. In some cases, owning a home can mean the difference between getting the loan you want and being turned away. In the case of personal loans, home equity finance can be the one thing that seals the deal.

03 March 2017.
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Low Interest Rates: Get a Secured Debt Consolidation Loan Now

Britons are taking out debt consolidation loans more often than we've seen in the last five years. Experts say that low interest rates have a lot to do with it. Consumers are taking advantage of those rates to pay off high-interest debt that could otherwise jeopardise their financial futures.

02 March 2017.
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Even Banks Have to Budget for Home Loans

When banks and building societies make home loans, they are counting on consumers repaying those loans without issue. Still, they have to set aside provisional funds to cover losses in case defaults do occur. It's part of doing business. Banks and building societies need to budget for the loans they make.

28 February 2017.
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White Paper Will Not Affect Second Home Mortgage Market

Few would argue that we have the housing problem. Yet there is plenty of healthy debate about the best way to address it. A new white paper just released by the government offer some suggestions they believe will encourage the building of new homes without affecting the plans of current homeowners.

24 February 2017.
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